VIBE Energy Juice Drink
Reboots your mind and soul 

When LIFE, a leading juice brand in the Greek market, approached us for the design of their new Energy Drinks line, we knew right away that this had to be different, because the product itself was in a league of its own and had to be approached as such.

Vibe is a line of juice-based energy drinks, enhanced with natural caffeine, guarana extract and vitamins. Typically, the design of energy drinks suggests some heavy transformative effect, but the downside of this is that they communicate chemistry and artificiality.

This was not what we were after here – the invigorating effect is certainly there, but it is achieved solely by natural means. Vibe is all about delivering energy the natural way, and this had to be reflected in the design. The fruits take center stage but not in a lifeless, still way. They appear to be in motion, while they are surrounded by juice drops creating a visual effect that is reminiscent of sparks, suggesting a palpable empowering effect.

By the same token, the Vibe logo incorporates a ‘V’ enclosed in a drop-like shape with dual visual meaning - that can be ‘read’ as a juice drop but as a flame as well – in line with what is conveyed by the sparking fruits.

The end-result is visual language that combines naturalness and clear-cut suggestions of effectiveness in a idiosyncratic, ownable way. Natural Energy, the tagline of the brand is encapsulated in a balanced yet powerful way.

Vibe is available in three exciting flavors: Vibe Raspberry – Goji Berry, Vibe Kiwi – Starfruit and Vibe Tropical Fruits.

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