Cupitol is an All-day Lounge in Chicago, Il. that prides itself as taking the concept of the all-day lounge to the next level. Originally inspired by the owner’s utter dedication to offering the most comprehensive and qualitative coffee range,
it naturally expanded to superior food and wine – based on a unique selection of top locally sourced and European ingredients.

The very name suggests the Lounge’s coffee roots, while the allusions to The Capitol work both ways – as they bring to mind people coming together, but also suggest a top ‘governing body’, and thus unquestionable expertise. The logic behind the name is in turn reflected in the Lounge’s logo, a logo that also had the mandate to communicate the combination of top-notch quality and everyday experience, thus being promising without being full of itself.

Serving these needs, the logo is the coming together of the quintessential coffee cup, the classic food tray lid and, of course, the flag element topping the design – suggesting the pinnacle of food & drink. These building blocks are easily understood for what they are at the individual level, yet work great in unison creating a unique visual identity that is a cup apart.

Creative Director / Designer : Spyros Doukas
Naming : Della Zagkouroglou
Copywriter : Konstantinos Kontinos
Photography & styling : Vice Versa

Cupitol photographed by
Cupitol photographed by
Cupitol photographed by

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